General Information

General Information

Below are the list of terms and conditions to apply any tender. Please review all the information carefully.

Tender Opportunities

All identified requirements for Goods and Services are handled only through Procurement Department. Dedicated procurement team offer guidance and instructions to contractors/vendors prior to, during and post bidding process.

Procurement liaises with other functional departments to ensure that all necessary aspects and needs are fulfilled through the proposed tenders and ensures that all contractors and vendors understand bid documents and are fully informed of objectives.

To participate in CNA-Q tenders, all bidders must complete the participation requirements under this website. CNA-Q tenders are issued out according to the below definitions:

  • RFT: Request for Tenders with predefined Designs and Bill of Quantities to contractors and consultants for materials and/or goods, services and works. Standing Offer Agreement Opportunities
  • RFP: Request for Proposal to bidders for Goods and/or Services/Auctions (Requests for Contractor Pre-Qualification, Consultancy Services, Lease Agreements for Vehicles, Equipment’s, Accommodation and other Facilities etc.)
  • EOI: Requests for Expressions of Interest.

All Bidding Notifications will only be available through CNAQ website, however at CNAQ discretion, some selected Tenders may also be advertised in additional media as deemed appropriate. Organizations wishing to bid or submit proposals on upcoming projects are encouraged to review the web site on a weekly basis to ensure they do not miss any opportunities.

How to Submit a Tender

Tenders must be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes for technical bid and commercial bid each marked with the envelop classification technical/commercial, vender name, relevant tender title and number. The Bid Submission includes hardcopies of one original, One Copy and soft copies in a USB/CD. An offer must be accompanied by a bank guarantee (Bid bond) issued by any nationalized local bank Operating in Qatar and such bond should be valid for 120 days from the bid closing date. The original tender bond must be in a separate envelope enclosed with Original Technical offer. An offer must be valid for 120 days from bid closing date.

Tenders are to be addressed to:

Tender Committee Building 16, Facilities Department College of the North Atlantic – Qatar Zone 68, Al Tarfa - Duhail North. PO Box 24449, Doha, State of Qatar

Any offer received after the bid closing date & time will not be considered. CNA-Q will evaluate tenders and inform only the selected bidder accordingly. Status of the Tender is available at CNA-Q webpage. CNA-Q is not bound to accept the lowest tender or any other tender and is under no obligation to show reasons thereof.

Download Bid Form

Download Tender Bond or Performance Bond Form (Sample)

Purchasing & Contracting

All Purchasing activities are processed through Procurement Department only, Venders will need a valid purchase order in order to supply goods or perform the services required. All POs will be issued to the successful bidder on the completion of the tendering process and are according to standard template.

CNA-Q uses the Oracle PeopleSoft Purchase Order System to track Purchase Orders and Requisitions for Materials. This system automatically ensures that the proper level of financial authority is met before any payment is authorized. It also ensures that the proper budget and charge-back is used for payments made.

Below are some general instructions and guidelines to bidders:-

Bidding Document shall be submitted on the prescribed forms in strict conformity with the terms and instructions, all blank spaces shall be filled in and any interlineations, alterations or erasures shall be formally explained and initialed by bidder.

Any queries that you may have regarding the Bidding document should be directed ONLY in writing by email to . Should any queries have an impact on the Bidding Document, a Supplementary Notice will be issued to clarify and amend the requirements of the Bidding Document.

All bids should be in local currency - QR

The Bidding Document shall only be submitted by single corporate bodies. Bidding Document submitted by a joint venture, consortium, association, or partnership will be rejected unless submitted by one single (corporate) body, nominated on their behalf as the sole contracting party.

Bidding Document must show the full legal name of the company and registered business address, including mailing address if it differs from business address and shall be signed with the usual signature of the person or persons authorized to bind the company and shall be dated. The name of each signatory shall be typed or otherwise clearly imprinted below each signature.

By submission of the Bidding Document, the bidder is deemed to be fully informed of all matters which may in any way affect the performance and/or cost of the Services, the full and extent and character of the Services, and the contents and terms of all the documents and Attachments.

Form of Tender/Bill of Quantities and attachments must be completed and submitted as directed within the Bidding Document.

The quoted rates shall be deemed to include all costs, charges and expenses whatsoever including profit and overhead charges, Customs, Fright, Insurance as well as applicable taxes for the full and proper execution of the Services. Bidding Document shall remain open for acceptance by the Company for 120 days from the date of submission

Performance Bond may be required as security by way of an unconditional bank guarantee issued by a Nationalized Bank operating in Qatar made payable to CNA-Q, either as applicable format provided in the tender document or a standard bank format, for 10 (ten) percent of the Contract Price and which shall be valid for the entire contract Period.

The bidder understands and agrees that the Goods and/or Services can be awarded to one or more bidder and the decisions made by CNA-Q in this respect shall be final. CNA-Q is not bound to assign any reasons for such decisions.

The bidder may be required to conduct presentation on their submitted bid proposal at CNA-Q during the bid evaluation stage for further clarifications / explanations. All costs associated for this provision shall be borne by the bidder.

Download Contract Template Delivery of Services

Download Contract Template Supply of Goods

Technical and Commercial Evaluation

The Bid Evaluation is a two stage process and the Qualitative Criteria listed below. Each Qualitative Criteria weighted to reflect its overall importance and then rated using the rating scale described below. The Qualitative criteria and rating scale provided below is a sample for illustration purpose only. Depending on the Tender requirements CNA-Q reserve the rights to use different evaluation rating scale and score to finalize the tender. Please refer to any changes in the evaluation criteria along with scope of work issued, as applicable to each specific tender document.

Qualitative Criteria Weighted %
Has the tenderer agreed to perform the works in accordance with the Bill of Quantities, form of Tender, specifications? 15
Project or Work Records, Client Profile, Minimum eligibility 5 years of similar experience or more? 15
Demonstrated ability to perform on Time or Meets Delivery Time? 15
Compliance in Local Regulatory Requirements, MME, ICT Qatar, MOI, Kahramaa, CDD etc. Has the tenderer complied with the License requirements or other applicable eligibility as per the local regulations? 15
Are all CNAQ issued Tender documents completed / stamped and submitted? 5
Industrial Relations, Safety Record, Materials /Products suitability to Facilities ISO standards 14001, 18001, 9001 and 50001? Or other applicable industry standards? 5
Bid Price 30

Rating Scale

The Rating scale for the evaluation of each Qualitative Criteria 0 to 10 and represents the following descriptions: Depending on the Tender requirements CNA-Q reserve the rights to use different evaluation rating scale and score to finalize the tender. The Qualitative criteria and rating scale provided below is a sample for illustration purpose only. Please refer to any changes in the rating scale along with scope of work issued, as applicable to each specific tender document.

Score Description of Score
0 Inadequate or non appropriate offer, many deficiencies, does not meet criterion
2 Poor offer, some deficiencies, only partially meets criterion
4 Marginal offer, few deficiencies, almost meets criterion
6 Acceptable offer, no deficiencies, meets all criterion
8 Good offer, exceeds criterion
10 Excellent offer, greatly exceeds criterion