​Five objectives have been developed to guide the research:

  1. To review international leading practice in human capital development through post-secondary education and work-based training, to identify exemplary responses to demands for 21st Century skills for a diversified and green knowledge economy.

  2. To analyze the industry outlook for skills in Qatar through examining national data on currently strong and emerging industries and related occupational needs.

  3. To assess how education and training institutes and work-based training are responding to skills requirements and the extent to which the development of 21st Century skills meets the needs of industry, particularly in the context of contemporary concerns of increasing productivity, the employment of women and youth, and environmental quality.

  4. To assess the extent to which leading practice in the development of 21st Century skills is present in Qatar and analyze the drivers and barriers towards wider adoption in human capital development. 

  5. To develop, review and recommend innovative sector skill strategies, recommendations and guidelines to boost employment and skills in currently strong and emerging industries in Qatar.