The Technician Certificate Program (TCP) at UDST is designed to prepare graduates to work as entry level maintenance and operations personnel within the Energy and Industry (E & I) sector of Qatar. Emphasis is placed on developing practical skills and the ability to work safely, and as part of a team. The University has shops and labs to provide advanced, state-of-the-art education and training. These are equipped with the latest industrial equipment, process simulation labs and pilot plant facilities. TCP students will experience a blended learning environment, which applies advanced industrial and computer technologies, practical skills-based training, traditional learning methods, and e-learning. The Technician Certificate Program options are delivered in an alternating model, consisting of practical University training and on-the-job workplace learning.

The Technician Certificate Program options are delivered in an alternating model consisting of two years of study, focusing on technical skills,  English language and workplace training.

To date, our Technician Programs have certified over 1,650 individuates with Industrial Trades qualifications who now work with 20 industry partners.

Program Options

  • Electrical Technician
  • Instrumentation Technician
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Process Operator Technician
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