The Diploma in Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology program prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for a career in the telecommunications and networking industry. After completing the diploma program, graduates will be able to operate, maintain and configure telecommunications devices or components, systems and equipment, in networks and distribution centers. Students gain hands on experiential learning through the actual operation and troubleshooting of modern telecommunications devices and networks. 

Graduates of the Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology program (Dip. TNE) are eligible for entrance into the third year of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Telecommunications and Network Engineering (B.Sc. A. TNE) program.


  1. Develop a high level of skill in the application of electronics principles.
  2. Specify, design, construct, troubleshoot, and characterize modern communication systems.
  3. Maintain and troubleshoot computer networks for use in the secure transmission of data.
  4. Maintain and configure telecommunications network systems.
  5. Maintain and troubleshoot electronic systems using computer software or traditional workbench techniques.
  6. Demonstrate an acceptable level of workplace safety practices and procedures, especially in the oil and gas sector.
  7. Recognize the importance of continuing education and professional affiliations.

Career Opportunities

The Diploma in Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology is also an applied degree with learning outcomes closely linked to the labor market. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for a career in telecommunication and networking industries. A wide range of career opportunities in field currently exist and they include but are not limited to the following:

  • Network Technician 

  • Network Support Technician

  • Telecommunication Technician

Field Service Technician

  • Telecom Technician 

  • Unified Communications Technician

  • Service Install Technician



Mathematics Requirement:

1. A minimum of 60% on the University Math Placement Test; OR 

2. A valid SAT Report Form with minimum score of 480; OR 

3. Successful completion of Foundation Program requirements.

Request for more information

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Entrance requirements

  1. High school graduation certificate with the following:
    English Language (Grade 12 level)Minimum 60%
    Plus two courses: one final year Mathematics, and one 
    final year Science (Chemistry or Physics is preferred).

    Minimum 60%
Additional Admission Criteria: Admission is competitive. Eligible applicants are ranked based on their overall final year (Grade 12 or equivalent) high school percentage, placement tests rankings, and Admission Priority Category.

Language proficiency Requirements

  1. The required score on the University English Placement Test or a passing score from another approved internationally recognized English language test, as validated by the Admissions & Registration Department; OR
  2. A valid (within two years) IELTS Academic Test Report Form with an overall band of 5.0 with no individual band score (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) below 5.0; OR

    Successful completion of Foundation Program requirements.