​The MET program is an applied degree with learning outcomes closely linked to the labour market. By definition, applied credentials are "designed to require a level of conceptual sophistication, specialized knowledge, and intellectual autonomy similar to that in an honours or specialization degree program but with the disciplinary content oriented to an occupational field of practice" (MPHEC, 2019). Applied programs "focus on preparing graduates for entry into an occupational field of practice by incorporating a blend of theory and practice, and normally include a terminal project or other practice-based exercises intended to develop and demonstrate the student's readiness for employment in the occupational field of practice" (ibid). MPHEC (2019) and other reputable frameworks state that curriculum must provide graduates with instruction in the knowledge, techniques, skills, and use of modern tools necessary to enter careers in the design, building, installation, application, and operation and/or maintenance. Graduates of such programs are then well prepared for applied demonstration of knowledge and skills required in the field. Given the breadth of technical expertise involved with Maintenance Engineering Technology systems, and the unique objectives of the MET program, graduates will be provided with both a broad and in-depth spectrum of the field.


You may choose to exit the Bachelor’s degree with a diploma after successful completion of all diploma requirements.

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