The World Economic Forum, has ranked Data science and AI as being within the top two world-wide most sought after professions. "Data Science" relates to a truly interdisciplinary field that includes data collection, storage, integration, analysis, inference, communication, and ethics. This field has both; computational aspects' mathematical and statistical aspects, and business components. The area of "Artificial Intelligence", builds upon large datasets and looks at how cyber-physical systems can make intelligent decisions in various contexts based on sensed data from the environment without human intervention. This is core to the smart applications of Internet of Things (such as smart cities, smart homes, smart eHealth, and so on…), autonomous cars and transportation and robotics. The 'Applied' nature of this program is reflective of hands-on experiential education which is further reinforced through the work experience and the Capstone Project and practicum components of this program. 


You may choose to exit the Bachelor’s degree with a diploma after successful completion of all diploma requirements


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