Graduates of the Information Systems programs will play an integral role in the continued growth of the information technology industry in Qatar.

Information Technology programs are designed to meet internationally-recognized standards. The courses in these programs have been carefully selected and developed to assure learning outcomes address technical and academic skills, as well as employability and soft skills specific to the information technology industry


The School of Business Management and Information Technology actively seeks international accreditation for its programs. The Information Technology programs were revised in 2018-19 to align with the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and application has been made to CIPS to have the existing accreditations extended to the revised programs.

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Baccalaureate degree options

​For those wishing to pursue a baccalaureate degree, UDST has arrangements with many universities world-wide, allowing our students to continue their studies in the Information Technology field. Former students have continued their studies at the University of Derby (United Kingdom), the University of the Fraser Valley (Canada), and Asia Pacific University of Science and Technology (Malaysia).

Program Options

  • Diploma*
  • Data and Cyber Security
    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    Information Systems
     Information Technology
  • Bachelor*
  • Data and Cyber Security
    Information Systems
    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    Information Technology
* Total program length varies depending on language proficiency, academic preparatory courses required for entry, and academic performance throughout the program of study.
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