COMM3010 Research and Reporting (3 credits)

At the higher levels of study in a university program, the ability to research and report on a topic independently becomes increasingly important. By individually locating, evaluating and summarizing secondary research sources and organizing their data, students will analyze research in relation to a problem they are solving, draft a proposal, write a final report, and present their research to their peers. Lectures and assignments will guide students as they develop their final report.

RSST3001 Research and Statistics (3 credits)

Familiarity with the core principles of research is important for evidence-based analysis and decision-making across multiple professions. Students will come to understand current best practices in research approaches, designs, and methods associated with both qualitative and quantitative traditions. Further, they will utilize the skills and knowledge gained in the course to evaluate sample data sets, conduct analyses, interpret outcomes, and report their findings.