GARC1001 Qatar History and Society (3 credits)

History shapes beliefs, the understanding of events and their causes, and provides the context for future actions. This course will familiarize students with the major events and influences that led to the formation of Qatar as an independent state in 1971, the formation of the Gulf Cooperation Council, diplomatic relations between the member states, and how they influence the economic development of Qatar. Through the perspective of socio-political history, this course will examine the modernization of Qatar as a richly diverse multi-cultural society.

ECON1001 Global Economic Concepts (3 credits)

Global economy is the exchange of goods and services integrated into a huge single global market. In this introduction to the field of global or international economics, students will learn basic economic concepts that drive the global economy. The course will familiarize students with the organizations and agreements that facilitate the effectiveness of global trade. There will also be opportunities to reflect and debate on the major economic benefits globalization provides to people and nations, as well as the most serious problems it causes.


GARC2001 Human Development(3 credits)

GARC2002 Globalization and Environment (3 credits)

Sustainability and Renewable Energy (3 credits)