EFFL1001 Effective Learning (3 credits)

Upon entry in the university academic environment, students will be introduced to the expectations and study skills that are particularly relevant for their First-Year experience, including strategies and tools to support their studies and to give them a better understanding of themselves as learners. Students will become aware of the full range of campus resources available to support their learning, including multimedia tools to support time management, oral presentations, and portfolio documentation. Through individual and group project work, students will also develop a greater appreciation of the need to clearly define their educational and career goals, and to develop the habits and skills which will enable them to achieve these goals.


EFFL1002 Applied and Experiential Learning (3 credits)

In a university environment focused on applied technical education, a hands-on and applied understanding of experiential learning and how to be effective problem-solvers, communicators, planners, team members, and leaders is important. Students in this course will learn to merge key software applications to collaboratively solve case studies in a team environment. Through group and individual project work, students will learn to communicate in a group dynamic and use the software tools they need to be successful learners in an applied, experiential learning environment and throughout their program.