​​General Education courses introduce students to mathematics and quantitative analysis, the natural sciences, research methods, and analysis, as well as the interdisciplinary nature of modern science and its applications. Selected courses in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts will provide students with the opportunity to become more aware of global and regional challenges and to explore the wider social implications of an increasingly diverse and interconnected world while developing the principles of personal and social responsibility necessary for thriving and advancing their intellectual and practical skills.
The School of General Education provides a range of introductory courses which are common for students of all undergraduate programs, grouped in six thematic clusters:


The School of General Education will be recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and delivery of a forward-looking General Education Requirement that enables the Vision and Mission of the University and responds to the needs of individual learners, ensuring that they are prepared to succeed in, and contribute to, the growth of business and industry in the State of Qatar.

Skills Students Learn


The School of General Education provides a base on which the other academic programs are built. Through the General Education Requirement, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Study and communicate effectively in English
  • Demonstrate ability for knowledge acquisition through experiential learning
  • Understand basic concepts in different science domains, as well as the interdisciplinary relationship between sciences and their applications
  • Demonstrate quantitative literacy
  • Source, evaluate and document research to support the analysis of a solution to a problem-based topic in a given area
  • Demonstrate understanding of regional development aspirations and challenges
  • Discuss topics related to social development, social structures, ethical behavior, entrepreneurship, and business development.

Career Paths for Students


The School of General Education also admits students who wish to enroll at the University ahead of deciding on a particular undergraduate program. Such students may be enrolled in General Studies and take courses from the General Education Requirement to broaden their understanding of the different career paths offered by the University and upgrade their academic preparedness. 

Applications for admission into General Studies are evaluated on an individual basis and include consultation among the Admissions & Registration Department, program administrators and the applicant. Students interested in the General Studies option need to contact the Admissions & Registration Department.

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