CNA-Q Qatari Youth Club organizes National Day celebration


Qatari Youth Club performing Arda traditional dance

College of the North Atlantic – Qatar’s (CNA-Q) Qatari Youth Club organized the most impressive Qatar National Day celebration to date on-campus.

The event was organized by the College’s Qatari Youth Club, which has made an impressive contribution to the preservation and enhancement of Qatari values at CNA-Q. Qatari Youth Club Leader, Faisal Al Mohannadi, said, “National Day is a day to recall our glorious past, celebrate the present, and to look forward to a very bright future. This year we are filled with more pride than ever! Qatar is strong and more united that it has even been!” This year was especially momentous, as students stood in solidarity with the Emir, His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, who has been a symbol of strength and peace for the nation. CNA-Q always hosts a special event in advance of the official Qatar National Day on December 18, before College students start the busy exam period. This year it was held on Sunday, December 1. The NRO 2017 took place at Aspire Ladies Sports Hall. Andrew Faulkner, managing director and chairman of Qatar Shell Companies, stated that Maharat Qatar 2017 will support the Qatar’s vision of nurturing the next generation of leaders in the STEM area in-line with the human development pillar and Qatar National Vision 2030. Dr Ken MacLeod, president, CNA-Q, observed that giving students the opportunity to compete against their peers in robotics activities helps harness their creativity and introduces them to the world of STEM. “As Qatar’s premier technical College of applied learning, CNA-Q is proud to host such an event, and for the first time this year with Qatar Shell. The Maharat Qatar programme speaks to the power of applied learning, so students can experience the importance of STEM, and encourages the pursuit of these subjects once they reach post-secondary. STEM careers are vital to growing and advancing Qatar’s economy,” McLeod said. Maharat Qatar tests the limits of the problem solving, engineering, teamwork and programming skills of the students.

"We are so very proud of our Qatari students who led the organization of our campus Qatar National Day celebrations. Their leadership is an outstanding example of the national pride instilled in our students, and proof that Qatar’s future is in good hands with bright leaders such as these,” said CNA-Q President Dr. Ken MacLeod. The campus was draped in maroon and white, with hundreds of Tamim al Majd flags waving proudly. A play was specifically designed and directed for the event called “Fedayt Trabetj”. There was also a market of Made in Qatar products such as foods, arts and crafts.



CNA-Q Qatari Youth Club organizes National Day celebration Qatari Youth Club organizes National Day celebration<img alt="" height="224" src="/newsroom/PublishingImages/newsreleases/cnaqagreement/001%20(1404)" width="382" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />12/3/2017 9:00:00 PM
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