CNA-Q Faculty Participate In EdTech Camp Professional Development Day


Faculty members at College of the North Atlantic - Qatar (CNA-Q) were engaged in a professional development day Thursday, with a focus on technology-enabled teaching for better student outcomes. More than 300 faculty began their day with a keynote speech from Dr. Randall Hansen, Program Chair of Learning Design and Technology from the University of Maryland, about how technology has influenced education, changed our world, and ultimately has changed the way students learn.

“Technology is the best way to engage Generation Z students, the youth of today. We have access to more information than ever than at any time in history and students' access to information is key to development and growth," said Dr. Hansen. "As educators we must not be solely teachers, but also facilitators and mentors. We should encourage students to take the reins to explore the internet and technology, to research and analyze elements of the curriculum they find interesting. Letting students actively participate and shape their education will support critical thinking skills and a vested, genuine interest in learning." Dr. Hansen's colleague, Dr. LeAnn Derby, joined him to hold an Educators' Workshop on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards. Additional sessions were held across CNA-Q’s state-of-the-art campus related to the College's disciplines of Business Studies, Engineering Technology and Industrial Trades, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Language Studies and Academics. Specific workshops were developed for the College's various faculties on topics related to teaching technologies, educational online platforms and student-centred pedagogies.

"As educators, administrators and supporters of Qatar’s education system, I know we can all agree that Dr. Hansen’s presentation is especially timely and relevant to Qatar, in the nation’s time of rapid growth and development," said Ms. Samah Gamar, Vice President - Academic. "In an evolving and digitalized world, educational institutions must be nimble, adaptive and responsive to the needs of learners. CNA-Q is pleased to lead the way as the State's national technical College, offering faculty development that directly correlates with the environmental, economic, institutional and educational needs of Qatar."



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