“Dare to Lead” lecture hosted by CNA-Q


College of the North Atlantic – Qatar’s (CNA-Q) lecture theatre was the site of an inspired talk for both students and staff as part of the College’s commitment to leadership development for women, and for the college community as a whole. This initiative is supported by Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) . Marie Quigley (BA hons) presented her session entitled “Dare to Lead”, which is a research-based presentation on the factors that influence courage in leadership.

Marie is an executive coach, trainer, facilitator, writer and speaker. She inspires human potential and awareness development by supporting leaders from all walks of life to understand and break through their limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviours and move towards creating new powerful ways of being and doing. Born in the U.K., Marie has worked overseas since 1993. She has been based in Qatar for the past seven years. She is the first and only facilitator in the Middle East to be certified in Dr. Brené Brown’s research based Daring Way, Rising Strong, and Dare to Lead programs.

According to Ms. AlJazzi Fetais, Associate Vice President - Student Affairs, “CNA-Q was pleased to host Ms. Marie Quigley and to hear her words of inspiration on the aspects of leading through adversity and with bravery. We appreciate the partnership we have had with QAPCO for a number of years that makes these learning experiences possible.” College of the North Atlantic-Qatar is Qatar’s National Technical College, offering more than 30 programs and graduating thousands of students since its inception. This year marks the 17th year that CNA-Q has been providing experiential technical education to Qatar to support the State’s strategic vision to educate, develop and retain young Qataris.



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