Your counsellors

Michelle Snow

Business Studies
Accounting, Marketing, Office Administration

11.2.19a+974 4495-2028

Nadine Humber

Information Technology

10.2.76+974 4495-2336

Frank Williams

Engineering Technology and Technical Certificate Program (TCP)
Program 103, 104

9.1.17b+974 4495-2967

Patricia (Tish) Murphy

Health Sciences and Access
EFL 1050-1060

20.2.69+974 4495-2341

Nichole Pickett

Business Studies
Human Resources and Team Lead

11.2.19b+974 4495-2028

John Fowler

Coordinator – Career Counselling Centre

Learning Commons-3.1.72+974 4495-2432

Nelson Sheppard

Engineering Technology (Mechanical) Additional Education Supports Needed (AESN)

9.1.18b+974 4495-2612