The Career Counselling and Resource Centre (CCRC), which is located in the Learning Commons - Building 3, was officially opened in October 2008.

The CCRC's mission is to be an innovative, community-based service of CNA-Q which assists with the career development of secondary and post-secondary students, employees of business and industry and the public at large to support the workforce plans for the State of Qatar.

To that end, the Centre has established the following goals:

  • to assist students with their career plans.
  • to assist students with job search techniques and employability skills.
  • to understand and support the workforce development needs of business and industry and the State of Qatar.

To achieve these goals the Centre provides the following services:

  1. Career counselling services
  2. Assistance with resume/cover letter writing.
  3. Workshops on career counselling related topics (e.g. resume writing, cover letter, writing, interview skills etc.).
  4. Simulated job interviews for those students who might like to practice with preparing for an actual job interview.
  5. Student employment services (i.e. on campus, part-time jobs.
  6. Liaising between students/alumni and prospective employers to facilitate job placement.

The following resources may be of great value to any job seeker and can also be found in the Centre:

  • Books on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, job search techniques, career pro files etc. (These resources may be signed out for a two-week period.)
  • "Tamheed" find out which career you are best suited for.
  • University calendars.
  • Handouts on career/job-related topics.


If you know of any student who may be in need of assistance with their career development needs, please encourage them to visit the CCRC. The Centre is open from Sunday-Thursday, 7:30 am-3:00 pm. Alternatively, they may contact 4495 2028.