Last spring our academic partner campus in Canada, College of the North Atlantic (CNA), announced that it had received authority to offer degree programming. Since this also provided CNA-Q the opportunity to offer degrees, we were overwhelmed with a positive response and interest in the possibility of offering degrees at CNA-Q. I would like to thank you for your interest in, and support of, degree programming at CNA-Q, and I would like take this opportunity to update you on the progress of this initiative.

In response to your interest, over the past year CNA-Q has committed personnel and resources to exploring the development and approval components of the process for offering degrees. During this time, there was also a transition from our previous Joint Oversight Board to a new Board of Trustees. After the first meeting of the Board of Trustees recently, it was decided to take a more expansive, innovative and strategic approach to planning at CNA-Q. Our goal is to implement the recommendations of CNA-Q's new Services Agreement while continuing to carve our niche as a transformative Centre for Excellence for technical and vocational training in Qatar.

As a result of this decision, the Board has approved a comprehensive consultation report that will study, benchmark, plan, and optimize every aspect of CNA-Q, solidifying our role as an important and unique component of the national framework for education and training in Qatar. Of course, offering degrees at CNA-Q will be one of the key elements that will be studied. This consultation process will start in September 2017 and will take the better part of a year; therefore I would like to inform you that CNA-Q will not be offering degree programs until the completion of this consultation.

Please contact Registrar's office for further answers to your questions.

Registrar's Office

+974 4495 2222

We will continue to offer the very best technical and vocational education in over 30 specialized programs with internationally-recognized credentials, and offer key pathways to degree options for our graduates. Applications for our diploma programs are still being accepted from national students for Fall 2017.

Thank you for your support and interest in CNA-Q,


Ken MacLeod, Ph.D.
College of the North Atlantic-Qatar