A Work Term/internship is a career-related work experience of limited duration that provides students with an opportunity to gain experience before they graduate. 



  • Explore career opportunities early.
  • Develop CV writing, interview and job search skills.
  • Begin to develop a network of professional contacts.
  • Gain access to new experiences.
  • Develop confidence in your field.


  • Students must successfully complete all academic courses.
  • Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Student must apply for graduation.
  • Students must register for their work term course.

Work Term Solution (WTS)

 The Team

Amal Saad
Work Term Coordinator
School of Information Technology

Gerard Dominic
Work Term Coordinator
School of Business Studies

Student guidelines

  • Register for the Work Term course.
  • Build a resume
  • Maintain a record of daily tasks.

Some job search strategies that might help:

  • Attend a career fair
  • Search online
  • Ask people you know
  • Ask the Work Term personnel
  • Students will maintain a daily record of all work activities during work term.
  • This report will include a list of tasks performed, equipment used and any activities the student participates in.
  • Students must upload the report at the end of the week.

Students will observe the regulations, operating procedures, working hours, and other such policies that apply at the workplace.

Students are expected to follow the work hours of the business where they are assigned (minimum 35 hours per week and not exceeding 40 hours per week). They are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of business and should not leave before the scheduled end of the business day.

Students are expected to maintain 100 percent attendance. Absence from the workplace will only be excused for special, approved reasons. If a student is absent or sick, they must notify their Workplace Direct Supervisor immediately.

Students are expected to dress appropriately at all times and to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

The student is covered by College of the North Atlantic – Qatar’s insurance arrangements for the duration of the Work Term course.

Students can connect with the Work Term Personnel to confirm training opportunities provided by the sponsor.

The following reports are required to pass the Work Term course:

  1. Student Weekly Activity Report must be typed by the student and signed by the Direct Supervisor, and uploaded to WTS at the end of the week.
  2. Instructor site visit
  3. Supervisor final evaluation

If the student does not pass the Work Term Course, an extension may be granted or the student may have to repeat the course.

Work term duration and fees

If all college fees are paid for both the fall and winter semesters in an academic year, no further fees will be required for intersession or summer semesters immediately following.