The following is a list of suggested reading to familiarize yourself with living overseas, as well as understanding the Gulf region's culture, and religion.

  • Understanding Arabs-A Guide for Westerners by Maragaret Nydell. USA 1996 174 pages ISBN 1-877864.
  • Saudi Customs and Etiquette by Kathy Cuddihy Copyright 1990 Peregrine Publishing, B-57, 101 Repulse Bay Road Hong Kong
  • Culture Shock! United Arab Emirates by Gina L. Crocetti
  • Lonely Planet Arabian Peninsula by Frances Linizee. 2004 ISBN 1741042941
  • From Boston to Beijing: Managing with a World View by Nancy J. Adler
  • Don't They Know It's Friday? by Jeremy Williams
  • The Middle East for Dummies by Jr. Davis Craig

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