Required documents

When you submit your application, you will be required to provide:

  • An official copy of your secondary school grades
  • Copy of your passport-photo page
  • Copy of your Qatari National Identification card

Applicants must be legal residents of Qatar and possess a Residency Permit ID number in order to be eligible to apply to the College.

If you have not attended a State School, you will need to obtain Ministry of Education validation of your marks before you can be accepted to the College. We will provide you with the necessary letter to take to the Ministry once we process your application.

Once your eligibility to the program has been determined and/or Ministry validation received, you will then be scheduled to write our entrance examinations. This consists of an English placement test, as well as a Math placement test. Students currently in high school who have not yet received their final marks are permitted to write this test prior to receiving their final grades. When the entrance examination results are received and processed, we will then advise if you have been accepted into the program.

Eligibility for cna-q programs

To be eligible for any of our programs, you must have completed high school, with a 60% average in the following:

  1. English Language (60% minimum) - Grade 12 level
  2. Academic Mathematics (60% minimum) - Grade 12 level OR Advanced Mathematics (50% minimum) - Grade 12 level
  3. Two Grade 12 level Science courses selected from Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics (for our Engineering and Health Sciences programs) - OR - Three additional courses at the Grade 12 level (for Business and Information Technology programs).

We also offer an Office Administration program through our Business Department which requires only high school graduation.