CNA-Q is delighted to announce that we have been granted authority to offer Bachelor’s degrees. I am also sure that you are excited as I am about this new chapter for the College! However, this is just the first, of many, steps we need to complete to offer degrees.

Going forward the Executive team, in consultation with our parent campus in Canada, will finalize all the elements to ensure CNA-Q will offer the most valuable degree(s) possible for students, their employers and the Qatari economy. We appreciate your patience as we work towards this.

Our goal is to start offering degree courses

This is an ambitious goal, but due to the overwhelming encouragement from our students, we feel it is an important goal to reach. We hope to offer degree pathways for all CNA-Q programs.

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 Registrar's Office+974 4495 2222

Likely, the Bachelor's degree programs will be the standard length of four years of study for university degrees and totaling 120 credits. For CNA-Q graduates, this could work in two ways: one additional year of study after completion of any three-year diploma; or two additional years of study after completion of any two-year diploma.

We are still determining how we will select students to enter the degree programs. There are a lot of aspects to consider: current students, alumni, transfer students, nationality, GPA, sponsorship, etc.  All of these elements will be weighed and I assure you that we will create a fair and clear application and selection process – which will take time.