​​​​As a UDST Graduate, you can take advantage of a whole range of benefits and offers that are exclusive to you. Explore the many benefits and services we offer from campus privileges to special discounts and offers. 

General Privileges

  • A lifetime email account
  • Access to UDST campus
  • Discounts at various retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.  
  • Notification to the most important events, conferences, training courses and workshops in the university.
  • Job Opportunities in Qatar
  • Alumni association membership card

Sport and Wellness Privileges

  • Access to the swimming pool
  •  Access to fitness rooms
  • Access to tennis courts & lessons
  •  Access to gymnasiums
  • Access to soccer fields,
  • Access to multipurpose field
  • Access to the cricket pitch
  • Access to a fitness class
    Pilates, Yoga, Spin Bike Class, Work out classes, Zumba
Reserve Facilities  

UDST Library

  • Borrow up to five books for a two-week period.
  • Borrow up to five DVDs for a one-week period.
  • Renew items one time, providing another user has not placed a hold.
  • Place holds on items checked out by another user.
  • Summer loans are allowed dependent upon Librarian approval.

On-Campus Research:

Alumni are welcome to visit the UDST campus library and use our facilities.  In addition to borrowing books, they can:

  • Search the library catalogue.
  • Use in-library materials such as magazines or board games (without checking them out).
  • Ask questions.

Registrar's Office

The Admission and Registration Department provides a number of documents for a variety of purposes to UDST Alumni:
Graduation Letter
This letter is issued to graduating students and alumni. The letter indicates student details, the academic program graduated, GPA, language of instruction, and year of graduation.

Availability of the Letter: 3 working days
Parchment Replacement
In the event of losing an original parchment, a replacement parchment can be issued upon the graduate’s verification that the parchment has been lost, stolen or destroyed. Replacement parchments will be produced for the Diploma/Certificate conferral date only.

Availability of the Letter: 3 working days
Course Outlines 
Course outlines include detailed descriptions for the courses undertaken by the graduates at the University during their period of study. Course outlines will be sent by email or email directly from the University to the educational institutions requesting the course outlines.

Availability of the Letter: 7-10 working days
Diploma Attested Copy
A copy of the diploma stamped and verified to be an identical copy of the original.

Availability of the Letter: 3 working days
Official Transcript 
An official copy of the transcript includes details of the students’ academic record since the first day of enrollment at the University.

Availability of the Letter: 3 working days
Document Authentications 
In case a third party, such as an embassy, place of employment, or educational institution, is requesting authentication of a graduate's parchment and/or transcript, and upon graduate consent, the University will provide the third party with the authentication required.

Availability of the Letter: 3 working days