Biju Koshy

Manager of Facility Services

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Biju Koshy joined the CNA-Q team in 2004 December, bringing with him 24 years of physical operational experience of Facilities Management Services, Procurement, Contracts administration, projects and asset management from Various facilities, where he worked at both Private and Government Sector, Biju was employed with Qatar Armed Forces Engineering Unit and was holding a lead role in Central Maintenance Wing for 15 years prior to the assignment for CNAQ. Biju is a dedicated lifelong learner. Biju is married to his wife Shiny and has three children, Bilan, Bibin, and Bony.

Biju joined in CNA-Q as a Building Services Supervisor and a member of the installation and commissioning team for the building systems, furniture fixtures and equipment’s for the permanent campus. Since this time he has held and played different roles for Various Installations and commissioning projects for program areas and Day to day facility maintenance. He has been actively involved in the establishment of permanent facility, accommodation, transportation, security services as well as various decision making committees. During his career he has had the opportunity to live, learn and work in State of Qatar and especially in CNAQ.

In Addition to his Professional Qualifications in Electrical and Mechanical (HAVC Systems) disciplines Biju holds certifications in the fields of Radiation Protection from The Supreme Council of Environment Qatar, Energy Management Systems Hydro Newfoundland, International Facilities Management, Internal Auditing for Various ISO Standards. Moreover to this Biju is trained and experienced in operational software such as PeopleSoft - Procurement & HR Modules, Facilities Asset Management and Information Systems, Famis CAD, Lenel On Guard Security and Access control systems, Honeywell (WinMag) for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, TAC Vista for Building Management Systems, Rain Bird for Irrigation Control Systems, Laserfiche for Document Management Systems in addition to his knowledge in Windows Office Basics and project management software. Biju was the leader in taking the initiative to achieve ISO certifications such as Quality Systems 9001, Environmental 14001, OSHAS 18001, and Energy Management Systems 50001 for the facilities management services of CNAQ. CNAQ is the first organization in the region with all these four major certifications.