​College of the North Atlantic (CNA) was chosen by the State of Qatar from top colleges around the world to fulfil Qatar’s need for a technical college. With 40+ years of success and a long list of program offerings, CNA created what is now Qatar’s premier technical college – CNA-Q. CNA-Q programs are tailored to Qatar’s top industries. Our institution complements degree-granting universities in Education City and elsewhere in Qatar.

Our Mission

CNA-Q is a national institution of higher education that provides internationally-recognized technical and vocational education and training in partnership with employers for Qatar’s evolving economy.

Our Vision

CNA-Q is the national higher education institute of choice for applied technical and vocational education and training.

Our Values

  • We believe everyone has the potential to learn and grow.
  • We value authentic learning that allows students to recognize their potential both
  • professionally and personally.
  • We are focused on increasing student success and meeting stakeholder needs.
  • We operate with respect, integrity, and transparency.
  • We are enthusiastic, committed, and motivated.
  • We are collaborative, empathetic, and supportive of each other.
  • We value curiosity and innovation.
  • We hold each other accountable.